Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission and Values


 Becoming innovative, highly reputed and global ICT solutions provider 
 We are committed to provide innovative, high quality and efficient ICT solutions for our customers and make a positive impact on the stakeholder values and the society at large.
Basic objective of TABY Engineering PLC is maintaining sustained profitability and growth by providing ICT, electrical & electromechanical engineering services, the core component of which are:

  • Design, development and implementation of ICT Infrastructure,
  • Providing ICT technical support and consultancy services,
  • Providing electrical design & consultancy services,
  • Performing electromechanical works.

  • TRUST: Trust is our identity in our relationship with stakeholders and the society at large.
  • INTEGRITY: We support the highest standards of reliability in all of our decisions &actions.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: We remain always accountable for our words, actions, and attitudes.
  • SYNERGY: Together, we can scale the heights of excellence.
  • INNOVATION: We are working on satisfying real-life needs with unique ideas.
  • EXCELLENCE: We persistently pursue excellence in everything we do, every day
Service Provision Preferences
   Customer orientation is the basics of company’s service provision strategy, which is formulated more in its service provision preferences as follows:  

  • SERVING MORE: Becoming service provider of choice and attracting more customers,
  • SERVING BETTER: Always improving the quality of our service,
  • SATISFYING CUSTOMER: Recording always higher rate of customer satisfaction,
  • SETTING-ASIDE CAPACITY: Having always sufficient capacity as reserve to meet the ever increasing and diversifying service requests from Clients
The company defined the following further as preferences in delivering its services:

  • Cooperation rather than bare competition
  • Creating new markets rather than craving for a share,
  • Quality & affordable solution rather than the cheapest solution,
  • Lasting solution rather than fast solution,


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