Name, Logo & Colors

Name, Logo & Colors


TABY is an acronym for Technology Aligned Business Yields. It signifies Company’s primary objective, promoting technology to support businesses for better output (Yields).


 The TABY logo presents the success symbol of the Company composed of its four letters, which are   assembled in unshakable structure comprising the Ceiling (T), Side walls (AB) and the Pillar (Y).

This structure also provides four windows through which we are looking into the future. We are envisaging TABY as World-Class Company with recognition for its high quality and efficient engineering services.



Colors in the Logo: 

RED: our devotion, energetic action and sacrifices we are undergoing to make our dreams come true. RED is also a color of love, love to what we do, love to our customer, love to our Company, and love among ourselves.

BLUE: our trustworthiness, dependable, and committed to serve our customer, handling every problem with extreme care and tranquility.

PURPLE: our awareness to our purpose. As PURPLE is in perfect balance between RED and BLUE, we are also balancing between accelerated drive for action & innovation and reliance on knowledge and experience we accumulated so far in our course of continual improvement.

WHITE: the background, the source of all our success, who are the Employees of TABY. White color also signifies the light through which all other three colors are derived from and distinctively discriminated.

Colors in the Name 

T is for Tranquility represented by the color BLUE.
A is for Awareness represented by the color PURPLE.
B is for Balance represented by the color PURPLE.
Y is for Youthful (loving and energetic) represented by the color RED.

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