ICT Technical Support/ Consulting Services

ICT Technical Support/ Consulting Services

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TABY Engineering PLC had been providing ICT technical support and consultancy services since its inception in 1996. At TABY, we strive to deliver world-class customer service experience to our customers by focusing on continually improving the quality of our service provision.

Primarily focusing on satisfying the customer, our ICT technical support services are designed to help organizations get the best out of their ICT infrastructure. As a result, end users enjoy ease of use, increased productivity and improved efficiency.

With TABY's ICT solutions, government organizations, businesses and international companies can focus on their core competencies instead of ICT related issues. Other Key Benefits include:

  • By designing, developing and delivering holistic ICT solutions, we help you ease your ICT-related functions and improve your competitive position.
  • By Collecting and analyzing information to identify gaps in your business needs, we will propose the best possible solution.
  • By collaborating with you through every aspect of our offerings, we will ensure alignment of your business objectives with the ICT technical support service.

The scope of our services has been expanding over the years and includes the following:

  • Computer Installation and Repair Services
  • ICT System Analysis & Solution Development
  • Web Based Systems Administration
  • LAN and WAN Administration
  • Structured Cable Management Support
  • System Administration
  • Telephony Support
  • Backup and Recovery Support
  • Procurement Support
  • Free & Open Software Support
  • ICT in- or outsourcing
  • ICT training
  • ICT related other services

We deliver our services based on the convenience of the customer with the options of:

  • Direct telephone support during business hours
  • 24x7 support as required
  • Support via email and online chat
  • Remote desktop support using tools over the internet
  • Assigning experts to the client's premises
  • ICT service in-sourcing / outsourcing, we will take care of your ICT system so that you can focus on your core business.
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