Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure Development

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With TABY's ICT solutions, government organizations, businesses and international organizations can focus on their core competencies instead of ICT related issues.

At TABY, we strive to deliver world-class customer service experience to our customers by focusing on continually improving the quality of our service provision.

By designing, developing and delivering customized ICT solutions, we help you ease your ICT-related functions and improve your competitive position. 

Our approach is based on:

  • Collecting information from you about your specific business needs
  • Processing and analyzing this information based on our long years of experience in the ICT field
  • Collaborating with you through every aspect of our offerings
  • Ensuring alignment of your business objectives with ICT technical support service


Networking Services

Installation and Configuration of Network Devices

Assessment of current infrastructure, conducting interviews / surveys, network assessment, installation and configuration of switches, routers and wireless access points, installation and configuration of DHCP, DNS, NTP services, vlans, subnets, DMZ, network monitoring and network security. Also included, configuration of devices to support data, voice and video with quality of service (QoS). Devices from Cisco and other vendors are supported.

Installation and Configuration of LAN Servers

Assessment of current infrastructure, conducting interviews / surveys, and network assessment. We provide installation and configuration of domain controllers, file servers, NAS, print servers, DHCP, DNS, NTP, antivirus administration servers, Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), backup servers, Internet gateways and firewalls using Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux server operating systems. Network monitoring and network security are also implemented. Server virtualization and consolidation is available. Specialized services in GNU/Linux server operating systems and various free and open source server application software available.

Network Administration and Maintenance

Identifying problems on the network, regular network administration tasks, network monitoring, network security, upgrading existing network infrastructure, re-configuring active devices and providing preventive maintenance. We provide network monitoring services using free and open source network monitoring tools. We provide technical support remotely via telephone or the Internet or by assigning our technicians in the client's premises. Different service packages are available on call basis or based on contract with outsourcing option.

Wired LAN Design, Installation and Consulting

Assessment of current infrastructure, conducting interviews / surveys, network assessment and design, consultation regarding service options and network configurations, developing network design layout, preparing specifications for network equipment and network cables, installation of network cabling, mounting of active networking components, labeling and documenting network cables and nodes, provision of pricing and quotes for work. High quality structured cabling installation is what we are identified with.

Wireless LAN Design and Installation

Assessment of current infrastructure, conducting interviews/surveys, network assessment, designing reliable, robust wireless LAN infrastructure, selection of appropriate wireless network security, selection of wireless network access authentication, selection of authorization, accounting and billing system, installation and configuration of the wireless devices and the network as required.

WAN Design, Installation and Consulting

Assessment of current infrastructure, conducting interviews / surveys, network assessment and design, developing network design layout, consultation regarding service options and network configurations, preparing specifications for network equipment and network cabling, provision of pricing and quotes for work, installing the network, configuring network devices, etc.


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Telephony Services

Telephone PABX System Design and Installation

This service includes designing and installing office telephone systems including the initial central functions of a PBX system, routing incoming calls to the appropriate extension in an office, and to share phone lines between extensions, installing and maintaining PBX management software, installing main processing, trunk and extension cards, etc.

Telephone PABX System Maintenance

This service provides maintenance service to existing telephone / PBX systems i.e. finding the fault, providing preventing maintenance, providing corrective maintenance and lasting solutions.

Server Installation and Configuration Services

Backup, Recovery and Archive solutions

We offer a number of backup services to protect the valuable data on your servers. Our service begins with the development of concept and procedure for data backup and recovery. Our services range from simple tape swaps on your equipment to comprehensive disk-to-disk backups.

Unified Threat Management (UTM) and Information Security Services

TABY understands the security concerns our customers. Our security services start with standard server auditing and virus protection and can include private firewalls and VPN systems as well as real-time intrusion detection systems customized to systems specific needs.

Server Installation and Configuration

Selection of server hardware, configuration of RAID systems, Installation and configuration of server operating systems (MS Windows Server 2008, various GNU/Linux server operating systems), installation and configuration of database, mail, file, web, FTP and anti-virus management servers, Active Directory Domain Services, LDAP server, Windows Server Update Services.

Virtualization Services

Virtualization is a powerful IT tool that offers the opportunity to run more compact services (operating systems and server applications) with single hardware equipment. Application responsible for computing processes virtualization allows sharing the hardware resources (processor(s), memory, network access, and so on.) which help reduce the number of equipments used and the optimization of maximum uptime for the offered services.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Allows offices in multiple fixed locations to establish secure connections with each other over a public network such as the Internet, also allows employees to access their corporate networks using the Internet

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